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Keep Your Hat On

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Consultant or coach? What’s the difference?

As a coach, you are not expected to be an expert, nor do you have to be. It is the client that plays the role of expert. Your coaching toolbox may include “consulting tools” to compliment who you are as a coach, but as a coach, you guide the client through their journey of discovery and to find the path forward on their own.

As a consultant, you are the expert, and you should be! You use your expertise to guide the client through diagnosis and remedy. Your consulting toolbox may include "coaching tools" to compliment who you are as a consultant, but as a consultant you collaboratively participate in diagnosing and remedying the issues at hand.

What role are you intending to play? If you are a coach, your primary role is that of a coach. If you are a consultant, your primary role is that of a consultant. Don’t casually interchange the two. Keep your hat on!

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