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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

There’s been so much to take in the past few weeks with the kickoff of my OLCC cohort, that is has been difficult to let the information sit and process – especially with the joys of shut-down during COVID-19.

However, as I rewind back to the OLCC kickoff meeting, one insight I had about my future self as a coach is that I may really need to spend effort on the social competency of boundaries and make sure I create the appropriate boundaries with clients. I would describe myself as an empathetic person, and in the past, I have used empathy as a way to build rapport and connections with people. I am happy, when they are happy. I am sad, when they are sad. I am angry, when they are angry. My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBT) personality type also validates that I have a preference to make decisions using feeling over thinking.

As a future coach, I think it’s valuable to already have this self-awareness so early in this program and have it on my "watch” list as a potential deterrent from making me a less effective coach.

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