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How I Work

I work with coachees using a variety of approaches, such as cognitive behavioral and positive psychology coaching, to help them understand what makes them happy and how do they get more of that.  It’s an adventure to accomplish getting more of those happy moments, but with the right mindset, it doesn’t have to be a scary adventure. It can be a beautiful ride. A ride that is appreciated in the moment – not just in hindsight. As someone joining in on the adventure, I guide coachees to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance and leverage strengths to achieve positive outcomes. As a coachee, you will share your goals with me, and as a coach, I will come along with you on your journey in pursuit of achieving these goals. And throughout this journey, I may interrupt you and challenge you to ensure you get to the right destination - more positive outcomes leading to happy moments.

Trust. In order for us to have an effective client/coach relationship, mutual trust is key. You need to be you, and I will be me. I coach from a place of authenticity – what you see is what you get.  I will be honest and say what I am observing and experiencing as we work together without judgement, and it’s my hope that you as my coachee, you will be honest and say what you are observing and experiencing as well - in life and during our time together.  We will both strive to be open and honest.


I will ask you to show courage the way researcher Brené Brown thinks of courage. She shares that word courage originally meant "To speak one's mind by telling all one's heart.” If you let yourselves to truly be seen, only then can you fully experience love and belonging. 

To read more about me and my qualifications, please check out my "about me" page.

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